Data models are perhaps the most important part of developing software, because they have such a profound effect: not only on how the software is written, but also on how we think about the problem that we are solving. Most applications are built by layering one data model on top of another. For each layer, the key question is: how is it represented in terms of the next-lower layer?

Relational Model vs Document Model

The best-known data model today is probably that of SQL, based on the relational model proposed by Edgar Codd in 1970: data is organized into relations (called tables in SQL), where…

We call an application data-intensive if data is its primary challenge — the quantity of data, the complexity of data, or the speed at which it is changing — as opposed to compute-intensive, where CPU cycles are the bottleneck.

Standard building blocks of a data-intensive application that provide commonly needed functionality.

  • Store data so that they, or another application, can find it again later (databases)
  • Remember the result of an expensive operation, to speed up reads (caches)
  • Allow users to search data by keyword or filter it in various ways (search indexes)
  • Send a message to another process, to be…

Great article! Loved the details you have listed out here :)

Yoga has been my love and passion for sometime now. I have jotted down my journey so far in my other blog. I recently completed a Yoga Teacher’s Training course and got certified as a yoga teacher. 😇

In this blog, I wanted to share my experience about it.

One of my goals, going into 2020, was to do a Yoga Teacher’s Training course (YTT). It was time for diving deeper into the practice of yoga. Ideally I wanted to do this training in one of India’s age old Ashrams, but like everyone’s plans for 2020, this plan came crashing…

It all started in 2012 — when I had a few months at leisure, before I was to fly to US for starting with my Master’s education in New York. I knew these were last of my real vacation days and I wished to get most of this time. Of all the things I wanted to do and learn with the time I had, yoga was something that I was naturally attracted to. Fortunately for me, there was a yoga class that was offered by an 80 years old women (we called her aaji — meaning grandmother in my native…

While we are all in lockdown mode, I took the chance to read this book named — Turn the Ship Around. It talks about a different leadership style — Leader-Leader as against the standard or commonly known Leader-Follower style.

Original book cover

Leader-Leader approach demonstrates that leadership isn’t an unattainable quality that a select few are born with. Rather, this approach recognizes that we are all leaders, in some way or another. The difference between this approach and the leader-follower approach is how decisions are made. As we’ve learned in the leader-follower structure, all information is sent up the chain of command, and…

Bay area, as we all know is a huge tech hub and has an immense talent pool in each of the companies — small or big — waiting to explore and expand their technical knowledge. This is something that is manifested in the tremendous amount of events and learning opportunities held here, in the Bay area. Women Who Code is one such non-profit organization which arranges events for women, to have community and support throughout their career journey. They do that through their local chapters spread all across the world. …

Hello folks! Let me alert you that this is my first ever attempt to write about my travel experience and my Aaji(grandmother) motivated me to take this step given the abundance of stories we were sharing with our family about our excursion.

Let’s begin this journey through the historical, cultural and adventurous experiences of Peru!

Aditi Lonhari

The mind is everything. What you think, you become!

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